Bakery Crawl

regret nothing

A bakery crawl, like a pub crawl, is just that; no regrets. A friend of mine and I took it upon ourselves to visit two vegan bakeries in Melbourne. Our first stop was at ‘Mr Nice Guys’ down on Union St, Ascot Vale. They say when finding a good place to eat, always go where there are lots of people. Mr Nice Guys was no exception. The place was packed! Walking in here was like walking into a playground of vegan awesomeness. Every awesome, crazy and almost unbelievable creation in this place is vegan.

In their glistening cake cabinet they have vegan cakes and cupcakes such as the ‘unicorn milkshake’, the ‘coffee and doughnuts’ cupcake, the ‘popcorn mudslide’ and the to-die-for ‘bronut’ (brownie-doughnut!). Closer to the counter they have an array of vegan pastries, such as their ‘potato, rosemary and bechamel danish’ and their ‘choc chip custard danish’ pastries. They have vegan biscuits and pies, they do amazing milkshakes and good coffee. My friend and I shared a vegan croissant and a pretzel ‘hotdog’ (also vegan). The croissant was soft and flaky and the pretzel dog was everything a pretezel should be; ‘tasty, salty goodness!’. The shop has cute tables and chairs both inside and out, with teapots as sugar bowls and a bowl of water by their sign out front for doggo. Mr Nice Guys is allergy friendly and stocks gluten free and soy free options as well. Well worth the trip, much recommended and would do again! Good brunch spot!

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After that we took the hour long drive from Ascotvale, down to Daniel’s Doughnuts, in Springvale. Daniel’s does both vegan and non vegan doughnuts. Again, the place was packed. The line inside the shop itself was at least three people deep and outside it was at least 10 meters out the door! It was well worth the wait though. I got a vegan jam doughnut and a vegan Oreo doughnut. My friend got the salted caramel and a cinnamon. Once you’ve eaten there, you can see why people flock to it. Their doughnuts are so light, fluffy and indulgent. We sat in the sun at their tables outside and devoured them. They were so good, I was tempted to line up in that epic line again. They’re open 24 hours (unbelievable right?). While Spring Vale is a fair hike for most of us (unless you’re lucky enough to live close by) Daniel’s Doughnuts would make for the perfect, late-night drive.


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